What does WinQS do?

General Overview

A Complete Quantity Surveying System For:

The production of Bill of Quantities Documents
The production of Estimates Documents
The calculation of Monthly Valuations
The Cost Analysis of a Project
JBCC Certificate Module
Contract Price Adjustment Calculations
Tender Analysis
Financial Review
Costs Reports


A visual view of the Bill on screen at all times without printing or previewing. All information that is entered can be viewed and edited on screen. A full audit trail is maintained to view who created and edited an item.

Pricing Items:

Multiple sets of Prices may be stored for each Project and may be copied, multiplied, and selected for use in Bill Production, Estimating, etc.

Printing Bills of Quantities:

Item and Page Numbering, Summary and Collection Pages, controlling of pagination is ALL done automatically by the system.

Standard Libraries include:

ASAQS Model Bills
JBCC Preliminaries
Electrical Work
Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning and Ventilation Installations
Any User-defined Standard Library

Special Features of WinQS

SABS1200 or Civil Engineering Documents

Included in the Bill Production module at NO ADDITIONAL COST is the ability to create SABS 1200 or Engineering Schedules. A project can consist of a combination of Architectural and Engineering bills.


The user can customise layout and wording on all Bill pages.

Any new units of measure can be added.

Items, dimensions and whole bills may be HIDDEN and Unhidden.

Progress Valuations:

 The valuation module allows monthly valuations to be prepared based on trades, work groups, activities, elements or any other user-defined grouping. A drill down feature allows valuation of any grouping and/or single BoQ item. A new feature added allows the printing of current, previous and next valuation accounts.


All dimensions can be entered using spreadsheet style formulae input and are saved for editing. Collections and side casts can be entered into dimensions.
Dimensions flow directly into the Bill as measured and can be previewed on screen as BoQ totals or as an abstract.

All measurements can be entered into a multi level Location structure for the reporting of Costs at any level within a project i.e. Cost per building or per floor etc.

All previous projects can be used as libraries for any new project including the ability to copy items and/or dimensions from previous projects.

Dimensions can be printed per user, per location or date range.


The Estimating module allows for the quick measure of an estimate with price build-up from BoQ items and a BoQ is automatically produced from the estimate measured.

Cost Analysis:

A Cost Analysis feature allows for the extraction of costs per Work Group, Element, Work Breakdown or any other (single or multi-level) sort order that is user defined. Location Groups allow for the extraction of Costs at any level within a project.

JBCC Certificates:

The Certificate module of WinQS allows you to create a monthly certificate in terms of the JBCC Principal Building Agreement.

Contract Price Adjustment Calculations:

Based on the Haylett Formula may be calculated.

Tender Analysis

A fully detailed or summarized analysis of up to six rates at a time can be printed to highlight the variances in tendered rates.

Cost Reports/Financial Reviews

Allows the monthly review of a project based on the contract value showing all extras/ savings as project progress to final cost.


The system has a full on-screen Manual for easy reference.
Our Support Team is renowned for their experience and provides support 24 hours per day via telephone or email – you are never without HELP.

The system is under constant revision and upgrading is based on user feedback.


Training on the efficient and effective use of WinQS is available online at https://acesolutions.learnworlds.com/.

The Dongle:

The system is not licensed to a specific computer but rather by means of an external dongle. This means that you may pop the dongle into your pocket and work with WinQS on ANY computer.

Cost And Hardware Requirements:

This information is included on the Price List.