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JBCC Model Prelims 2009
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JBCC ver. 7300
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News Archive 2008 March » June » 2007 January » July » 2005 October » 2004 July » 2003 November » 2002 October » October 2005 WinQS-SQL is NOW available The completely NEW WinQS-SQL version is now available. During October the installation CD was mailed to all supported WinQS clients. This new version contains many enhancements and NEW features resulting from feedback from all of our users. Thanks to all of you that have contributed to this version. It is only this feedback that enables WinQS to remain the #1 system of choice for Quantity Surveyors and Cost Engineers worldwide. The MAJOR change has been the implementation of an industry standard 32bit database engine to replace the trusted (& dated) Paradox database that has served WinQS users for nearly 10 years. The use of a Microsoft SQL Server database within WinQS-SQL is more reliable, faster and fully multi-user in a true Client/Server environment. This allows multiple users to work on a single WinQS project AT THE SAME TIME. Visually this new version of WinQS has maintained its familiar user friendly ‘Browse View’ approach that over 2500 users have accepted as a standard. The full Multi User capabilities within WinQS since 1996 have been improved, using the new version on a network allows documents to be produced accurately and efficiently. The WinQS Estimating Module, using numeric modeling, allows the production of Elemental Cost Estimates, in full detail or summarised elementally, within days rather than weeks. Major design changes can be easily and quickly applied to display the cost implications and produce the information for the Tender Document instantly. New Features and enhancements in WinQS-SQL (the WinQS-SQL Help file contains the complete list) GLOBAL BACKUPS Can be done with a single click of ALL the projects on your project list RESTORING PROJECTS It is no longer necessary to open WinQS to restore a project. You may simply double click on the backup file to restore it even if the backup is in an email attachment AUDIT /ADMIN REPORTS A complete audit trail report is now keep, which, amongst other things, allows you to extract time spent on a Project per User MAKE A BACKUP TO MOVE TO ANOTHER COMPUTER: Allowing you want to "go home" to work but while you are working at home you do not want anyone at the office to access the project! FIND / SEARCH The Search function will locate an ISC number in any document in the entire project without swopping to that document. Search can now locate any Amount Column wording USER PREFERENCES Many new User Preferences have been added REPORTS ALL reports generated by WinQS may be saved in a PDF format for later printing or emailing MENU OPTIONS More and simpler menu options to access common functions have been added CREATING A NEW PROJECT This has been simplified and the overall project area can be entered & a running cost per m˛ is displayed at the top of the Browse view. The decimal and thousands symbols can be saved as part of a project DELETING DATA No longer deletes for the entire project. You may select: Whole Project, Current Document, Current Bill BILL PRODUCTION & ESTIMATING MODULES Where there is a discrepancy between the values of the BoQ and BoE you may print "NON system generated dimensions only" to establish where dims are entered directly and not generated from a link PARENT/CHILD Projects: The whole process of creating child projects for merging has been simplified AND is controlled by the system. MOST EXPENSIVE ITEM/S Report A new report included in the BoQ module shows which items which make up the cost of a given % of the total project value for checking LINK FACTOR_CONSTANTS Are displayed in GREEN in the Link Factor dims - the colour Red is now reserved for negative amounts only AMOUNT COLUMN WORDING Now saved PER PRICE, so each different Contractor’s tender on a project could have specific "included" etc items related only to their "price/rate" ABSTRACT/DIMENSIONS Reports Function Key F4 prints an abstract & F5 prints detailed dimensions for the selected item ONLY MARKED ITEMS To find items marked with the F9 function key use F10 to find the "Next marked Item" RESET DECIMALS FOR BILL PRINTING You may now reset the decimals for Bill printing for any of the standard Units ESTIMATING MODULE ONLY Where a link build-up rate is "overwritten" by the user the Price/Rate is shown with a yellow background in the browse view ADVANCED COST ANALYSIS Report can show the Items making up the cost of each element & may be saved in a CSV file format for import into a spreadsheet VALUATIONS ALL data is now calculated to 6 decimal places for greater accuracy. Ticksheet can display global progress value for a project. Item override now allows the input of valued by Quantity, Amount or Percentage