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News Archive

November 2003
WinQS Version NOW available

The latest version of WinQS contains the following new features/enhancements as a result of all of our Clients' input.

New Module - Advanced Cost Analysis!

A new module called "Advanced Cost Analysis" has been added. This module will generate a complete Cost Analysis showing the Cost per Elemental Unit and the Cost per Elemental Area.

An example of this report can be downloaded here »

Each sort key can now be linked with a Unit of measure to elemental quantities and the overall construction areas can be measured into the different Locations so that the cost per area and per element can be calculated.

WinQS Browse View Generally:
  • Buttons/Menu options
    More buttons have been added and SHORTCUT keys have been improved. The Menu options have been enhanced and reorganised.

  • The Use of Colour:
    A lot more COLOUR on the BROWSE view has been added to allow visual checks of any problems.

    Each WinQS document has a different coloured "Bill Panel" on the browse view to indicate which document you are working in.

    IF a Bill has Quantity Splits ON then the Bill name has a RED background.

    IN the Bill panel, the current selected item and unit AND it's immediate prior heading is always displayed.

    ALL "UNpriced" or "UNmeasured" items are emphasised by being displayed with a BLUE background. Negative values are displayed in RED.

  • Running Totals:
    The Project and Current Bill Totals are now displayed on the Bill panel for each Document. (These are LIVE running totals and change as you alter the document.)

    The Section and Final Summary's on the Browse View display totals for each Bill or Section as carried forward. The Final Summary shows the values for VAT or Calc items.

  • F9 to "Flag" or "Mark" selected Items:
    You can now press the F9 function key to attach a visual "Flag" or marker to any selected item in a bill.

  • Display an Item and its' Preceding Heading levels:
    When ever an item is selected you may view it and all its' preceding HEADINGS relative to the heading levels of H1, H2, H3 etc. Simply press the F8 function key!
    This applies to any item on the Browse View or when Linking Items etc.

  • Page References:
    Page references are now copied from one project to another when items are copied - they can also be printed at the end of the Description for Final Accounts

    You may now EDIT the Page Reference Field by selecting this option from the TOOLS menu.

  • SEARCH for Unit:
    You may now search a document for any particular Unit.

  • RECENT Projects Accessed:
    If you select the FILE option on the Menu Bar, you will see a list of the last six projects opened on this computer and can open anyone by clicking on it.

  • Bill of Quantities
    ALL dimension selected that are Generated dims from the Bill of Estimates has a right click option to "Go to link" which displays the source of this dimension.

  • The Confirm Location Option
    May now be CANCELLED for a measurement session

    Dimension input expression may include the % character

    NEGATIVE dims are displayed with a RED background

  • Dimension Print
    Can include Heading levels preceding the item selected
    The Dim Printout has a wider left hand margin

  • Copy Dimensions
    Copied dims into the scratchpad will ONLY be accessible by that USER

Averaging / Merging of Prices:

You may now AVERAGE the prices in the current project to create a NEW price

Measurement Groups / Estimate Items

When entering LINK FACTORS you may click on the TABLE to automatically insert the alpha code into the link factor slip. (See CONSTANT TABLE - Linking Items)

The Link Items form now displays negative factors and zero priced items with a RED background

Email Options

You may now email backup files, price files, and messages directly from within WinQS

Project grouped by Project Category

You may now allocate a "CATEGORY" to every project and "filter" the list of available projects by Category

Bill Printing
  • Quantities not Printing: A Quantity Splits check report is automatically done prior to the bill print. This will report on quantities NOT BEING PRINTED as a result of the selection of Location Group for the splits.
  • Page References May be printed after the description. For instance, when you are doing a remeasurement, final account, etc. The Page Ref may also be Preceded by WORDING e.g. - "As Page/Item ..." . You can enter the wording under the Print Settings.
  • ANY measured item may now be Automatically INDENTED when printed in the Bill
  • Bills can be printed in Landscape format
  • Notes to Tenderers, Preambles, etc. can be printed in WinQS as "Text" bill layouts and can be placed anywhere in a document

Set Defaults

You may now select the UNITS and/or the Bill PRINT settings from any Project and use these as the Default for all new projects created in the future

Valuations Module
  • Valuations may now be calculated by inputting Quantities per item per location or by percentage per Sort Key
  • Ticksheet report can be printed showing the percentages ONLY per Sort Key resulting in a shorter/smaller printout
  • Valuation CCR report is now accessible from the REPORTS menu
  • Valuation CCR report per Location Group may be selected

Financial Review Module
  • Current progress column can be omitted from this report
  • Immeasurable items can be excluded from the report
  • Financial Review Printout is now accessible from the REPORTS menu
  • Financial Review report per Location Group may be selected