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News Archive

March 2008

Sales of dimensionX to over 30 WinQS users since being appointed agents, has really meant major time savings to any WinQS user that is using dimensionX.

As a result WinQS can now automatically import all the data that has been measured in dimensionX.  All dimensionX data is linked to any one of the 4 WinQS measurement levels. 

Using dimensionX+ (plus) one of the WinQS/dimX users, has measured a complete concrete structure (designed by an Engineer using AutoCad Revit) in about 4 minutes.

The resulting dimensions were for a total area of concrete slabs spread over 9 floors totalling over 37,000 m2 of differing thickness of floor slabs.

ALSO measured were all the concrete columns (both circular & rectangular 3000m), footings, pile caps, concrete walls (6000m2) and all the ramps and structural steel columns & beams.

Conservatively this would have taken a TOP experienced QS at least 7 days work. (HARD work!)

Within 10 minutes dimensionX completed the measurement and the data was imported into the WinQS Estimating document.  The full dimensions (FULLY referenced) are imported into WinQS for easy checking.

Sadly many Architect’s or Engineers DO NOT use Revit (it was launched 7 years ago) but even then, dimensionX does still save the QS hours of time measuring when just using electronic drawings.

dimensionX has the ability to measure from standard DWG (electronic drawing files) that most CAD programs can generate or even from a PDF file.

This is the BEST software every QS/Cost Engineer must have, since the launch of computerised QS software more than 25 years ago in South Africa.

dimensionX linked to WinQS will result in:

FAST & accurate measuring from electronic drawings using different formats which are then IMPORTED into WinQS, the QS software system of choice, in use by over 3500 users worldwide.

At present WinQS is being completely re-written using Visual Studio and will be working with the latest version of SQL Server which has been updated since we first introduced SQL Server.

Please keep all the suggestions for changes/enhancements coming as this is the ONLY way that WinQS can improve.