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News Archive

June 2008

WinQS and dimensionX

Sales of dimensionX continue to exceed expectation with more than 80 users now benefiting from the amazing time saving to WinQS users.

The modifications to WinQS to increasingly improve the linking to dimensionX continue.  Based, of course, on feedback from you – the users.

WinQS now has the ability to import dimensions to multiple locations from one drawing

When drawing revisions are imported new dimension groups can be are automatically created 

The WinQS users who benefit the most from this relationship are those using the Estimating Module of WinQS where the whole dimension importing process can be done automatically

The learning curve has been interesting, especially for users to understand that dimensionX is measuring collections – not producing the Bills of Quantities!  This process still happens in WinQS.

dimensionX users are also learning how badly some CAD operators are using their software and producing drawings where the “layers” are meaningless and mixed up. 

One drawing when the sanitary fitting layer was hidden, then the roof disappeared as well!

Also, it has become obvious that the minimum hardware requirements are really minimum!  The more RAM you have and the bigger your screen, the better!


The location display in WinQS has been changed to show the description of the “Parent” and sub-level location when measuring.

The Tender Analysis modules now includes “Rate Only” or other amount column wording

Previews of things to come:

The continuation of the re-writing of the entire WinQS system, using Visual Studio to work with the latest version of SQL-Server.

The next upgrade will include Addendum Bills to be added below the Final Summary allowing a complete Tender document to be produced from within WinQS, i.e. from the Cover page through to the Tender Forms (no word processors or other software needed)

The ability to move individual dimensions from one location to another in the event of the dimensions being measured in the wrong location.