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News Archive

July 2007

WinQS-SQL has now been in use for over two years and continues to meet our expectations in terms of reliability and speed in a true Multi-User environment.
GLOBAL BACKUP function – Despite having this facility and sending numerous notifications to users to make REGULAR global backups, we still have users who have their computers stolen or have hard drive failures and they do NOT have backups!
What is the advantage of a GLOBAL backup as opposed to individual backups?
· The recovery of data in the event of a disaster can be done with a SINGLE RESTORE instead of having to restore every project individually.
RENAMING COMPUTERS – it frequently happens that a user is given a computer which was named (the computer) after it's previous user.
The user (or their IT person) RENAMES the computer, which has the effect of disabling their MSSQL database! WinQS cannot then access their data. PLEASE speak to us before renaming computers. Also give each computer its own name & DO NOT give it the same name as the person using it. That can change.
The latest release of WinQS Version has the following features:
· This version uses colour on the working screen the “browse” view, to draw the users attention to anomalies in the documents which should be checked
· Where items are copied from one project to another the “active” price from the source project is now always copied to the “active” price in the destination project
· This version also includes a function to assist in the re-connection of projects that are on a different database because of the renaming of the computer
· Installation is now compliant with Windows Vista Business Edition ONLY
A new AUTOMATIC WinQS Backup utility has been written to make the backing up of WinQS data happen automatically & outside of WinQS.
and a WinQS Version Run utility has also been developed to make the Network Administrators task of distributing the latest version of WinQS automatically to every desktop from a central single source on a server.
All WinQS clients who are using a Windows SERVER operating system like Windows SBS or Server 2000 or 2003 will be able to use this utility to automatically distribute the latest WinQS version to any desktop connected to the network. Contact us by email for details.
WinQS Developments in Progress:
Dongle Registration & Program Updates will soon be “live” from the WinQS website.
We have found a suitable “measure from CAD” program after 5 years of looking & research. It is currently being integrated to work with WinQS. In order to make this possible, the “measure from CAD” program will have to be purchased from us – then the measurements from this program will be electronically read into WinQS.
Finally all WinQS clients will be able to measure from any electronic drawing without having to wait for a paper copy of the drawing or having to plot the drawing before any measurements can be taken off. This program allows for extremely accurate measurements to be taken off an electronic drawing much faster than any manual method. It also includes all the normal QS functions of referencing, colouring in and totaling.
As soon as this program is fully linked with WinQS we will announce complete details, this new exciting software development WILL change the laborious measurement task of Cost Engineers & QS’s for ever.