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News Archive

July 2004
WinQS Version is NOW available

The latest version of WinQS contains the following new features/enhancements as a result of all of our Clients' input.


During the past six months, WinQS has been undergoing a MAJOR re-write. WinQS was developed back in 1996 when most clients ONLY had Windows for WorkGroups (Windows 3.1). At that stage the best database option to use was a Paradox database. This has become outdated (even though more than 2000 WinQS clients still successfully use it.) As part of the ongoing development and improvement of WinQS, we have implemented a whole NEW database behind the familiar WinQS screens/forms. This modern database is a true 32bit database and has better multi-user /networking capabilities.

What does this mean to YOU - the WinQS user?
The WinQS interface with you, the User will not change significantly. That is, the way you work will not be impacted and the database change will not be obvious to you.

However, there will be a significant improvement in speed and reliability, particularly in a networking environment.

When will the Conversion happen?
It is anticipated that the Sequel version will be released before the end of 2004

How will the Conversion happen?
In preparation for the move to WinQS-SQL we have included in WinQS Version 5.9 a SINGLE click convert facility to move your whole project into the NEW WinQS-SQL version.


Check for quantity splits will no longer report on hidden dimensions Numbering of Notes & Text Bills on Sectional Summaries has been corrected. Order of Bills/Sections on Final Summary Page automatically checked and corrected Automatic "BillSort" coding on Sectional documents corrected.

General Settings:
Allows you to set the thickness of the lines in the bill print.

Date and Time:
Select your own date and time format.

You may now have four lines of headers. The top of the bill page (or header portion) may now have a single underline right across the page.

Summary Pages:
The Name and/or Number of the Section/s and Bill/s may now be printed at the top of Collection pages, Sectional Summaries and the Final Summary or NOT! as you choose. Numbering of Sections/Bills on Summary pages may now be switched off.


Page References will now be COPIED even when the Project has been "locked" for CCR purposes. This will assist clients who are doing variations in the same project.

Valuations/Financial Review

Valuations Input - Item by Item:
The totals displayed on the input form now displays Gross Valuation (for the Project) and Gross Valuation (for the current Location).

Valuation Reports:
You may select the extent of the detail displayed in your reports. You may ALSO print condensed or abridged reports.

Financial Review (Cost Report):
You may select the extent of the detail displayed in your reports. You may ALSO print condensed or abridged reports.