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News Archive

January 2007

WinQS®-SQL has now been in use for more than a year – our expectations of reliability, speed and full multi-user capability in a true Client/Server environment have been fully realized and even exceeded.
You could never share a dimension pad and pen – WinQS has made this possible! However a large number of WinQS user’s have not even loaded the SQL version of WinQS and therefore cannot benefit from any of the NEW features that WinQS-SQL offers.
There is also generally a bit of a nervous reaction from users when an upgrade is issued – however, users are assured that we have not, and will not change the basic “ui” (user interface) – or the “look and feel” of the WinQS screens/menus/buttons. Buttons/menus which are not often used could be moved and others introduced. These changes are made based on feedback from YOU, the user. For example, a recent request has been for a “BackUp” button (icon) on the screen - this will be introduced shortly.
On the horizon is yet a further change to WinQS in which we will be changing the programming language that WinQS has used for the past 10 years. This will again NOT affect the user – BUT will create new opportunities for further expanding functions in WinQS and allow you to benefit from the latest in computing advances in technology.
Some exciting things done in the past year & which will get into WinQS in the future are:
A Language Editor has been developed that will allow any WinQS user to change the whole WinQS system into the language of their choice. That is the WinQS menus/screens/error messages etc. can all be changed into any language at all, or modified from WinQS English into your own wording.
Customise all the WinQS reports to have your own wording anywhere on a report.
Automated measurement from 2d CAD drawings – allowing measurement from a CAD drawing directly into WinQS dims.
Automatic measurement from CAD 3d Models directly into WinQS – here the data from a 3d CAD model is used to create the complete WinQS Bill and measure it. Presently WinQS is measuring 50,000 lines of dimensions within 3 minutes from a 3d CAD model. Any changes to the model are then reflected in a revised WinQS document in a very short time.
NO MORE manual measuring AT ALL.
Access control by WinQS user, which will allow editing/adding and access to any WinQS data to be controlled. Even a WinQS project can be locked so that only certain user’s can access it.
A DUAL currency Bill print function is to be added. A project could therefore have two different currencies’ in one tender document.
New Features and enhancements in WinQS-SQL Version
(The WinQS-SQL Help File contains the complete list)
You may now select where to INSERT dimensions. Also, you may re-sequence/re-order any existing dimensions
Excluded Locations
On the Location Structure form you may now temporarily “exclude” selected Locations
Global Project Constants (GPC)
This allows the use of a constant to be applied anywhere within a project
Bill Print Packages (BPP)
In a multiple procurement project, the entire project may be produced in one WinQS project from which multiple sub-contract documents (packages) may be printed.
Global Projects RESTORE
When moving ALL your WinQS projects to another computer, this option will RESTORE ALL the projects within a Global project BackUp folder.
BACKUP button on Browse View
BackUp the current project with one key, just press “F11” (function key) or click on the BackUp button.
Print Whole Sections
Individual sections of a project may be printed.
The Cost per/m2 PER ITEM may be displayed on the browse view by selecting the relevant option in PREFERENCES.
Final Summary Structure – Items order was incorrect/mixed up.
A problem in displaying the order of items on the Final Summary has been resolved.
Valued Location Report
Where the Location had more than one sub-level the values per location were being incorrectly totaled.
Hidden Items/Structures
On the STRUCTURE form, hidden structures will, by default, be shown in red. This can be turned off.
Display ONLY Hidden Items
A new option to display ONLY hidden items & then DELETE hidden items has been added.
Server Connect Test
This has been added to the HELP menu
Valuations module
The ability to always value ALL locations has been added