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News Archive

December 2008

After a really BUSY year for all of our WinQS clients, a long awaited break is welcome to all.

WinQS and dimensionX
Sales of dimensionX continue & more than 140 users are saving hours using both software programs together.
The LATEST hardware available has made using dimensionX a real flyer now!   Also, it has become obvious that the minimum hardware requirements are really a minimum! The more RAM you have and the bigger your screen, the better!
WinQS now imports EVERY dimX building & matches the dim groups from dimX with any previous imported building avoiding duplication.

WHATS NEW in WinQS ver. 1900
APPENDIX Bills – as promised this upgrade includes the adding of Appendix Bills (previously we called these ‘Addendum’ Bills) after the Final Summary allowing a complete Tender document to be produced from within WinQS, i.e. from the Cover page through to the Tender Forms (no word processors or other software needed)
MOVE (Redistribute) individual dimensions from one location to another in the event of the dimensions being measured in the wrong location.
NEW Units for have been added called “%B” & “%IT” which allow the calculation of a % based on a range of Items or a single Bill.

Multiply Prices allows ALL prices in a document to be updated with a factor.

DELETING Links can now be done with a single click

Main Browse Grid now displays where a GPC (Global Project Constant) has been used with an X

GPC Report now shows where any GPC has been used.

dimensionX AutoMeasure feature has been changed so that EACH building when imported, will try to match an ALREADY created dimX MG/BoE item in WinQS, and add the new buildings dimensions with that item. 

No repetitive items in the MG/BoE for each successive dimX AutoMeasure of a building, making a smaller list & less work to create the links necessary.

Once complete, any project with a standard list of dimX IMPORTED MG/BoE items, ALREADY linked to other WinQS items, can be used as a MASTER project for the next project. 

Using the same list of dim groups in a Master dimX building, will mean that once measurement is competed, the AutoMeasure will already be linked to BoE items, which can already be linked to BoQ items.

Work is progressing on the complete re-write of the WinQS system & we plan to release this version by mid 2009.