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JBCC ver. 7300
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News Archive

June 2009

WinQS & dimensionX continue to change the way QS's worldwide will ever measure anything again.

Sales of dimensionX continue to reach nearly 200 users, and the latest version 3 of dimensionX promises to take this 'measure from CAD' program to new heights.  On the cards is a network version as well.

The latest WinQS version 1905 has enhanced the AutoMeasure facility of all dimX data into WinQS. 

Creating Zones & WinQS Locations has been made easier & simplier & WHOLE dimX projects can now be imported into WinQS.

WHATS NEW in WinQS ver. 1905

A major speed issue when recalculating a big WinQS project has been resolved & the performance is now faster than ever.

The AutoMeasure from dimensionX menu option has been completely overhauled & improved.

SECURING your WinQS data has been made even easier now. A GLOBAL BACKUP of all WinQS projects MUST now be made on a weekly basis.  WinQS will check when you last made a GLOBAL backup, and will force this if your Global Backup is older than 1 week.

WinQS now has a HELP menu option to "Check for Updates" that will check, download & install any new WinQS upgrades all with a simple click of a button.

The complete re WRITE of WinQS is progressing very well & we are learning about many new & exciting enhancements we can add to it without much additional work. We still plan to release this version in 2009 but it may be in the last quarter of 2009.